Creating an accessible life

An accessible life is a life adapted to the unique needs of the individual. In my case that means trying to create a slow pace existence that plays to my strengths and passions. To move from survival to a life where I am present, secure and content.

To do that I need to learn about my needs, my place in society and the way that I function. In this blog I will be writing about my journey towards creating an accessible life. This involves both understanding what is and taking concrete steps forward, both personal stories and societal analyses. My posts will center around three themes:

  • Understanding oppression and what happened to me (Validation)
  • Understanding autism and how I work (Exploration)
  • Adjustments towards an accessible life (Implementation)


Who am I?

I am an actually autistic psychology student at Oxford. Labels have been important to help me adjust to my needs in this society. Some of my labels are autistic, disabled and chronically ill. I live in a world where things are constantly changing and everything is up for debate. I am a systematiser, a problem solver, a learner and explorer. I am a partner, a daughter, a friend, and a sister. I am an effective altruist, I am privileged, and I believe in equality.

Also, I love tea, books and trees, so you’ll be seeing a lot of photos of those.